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my projects & roles #maverick  


dogtopia spec |  15 sec  |  2022

art director

spotify spec |  30 sec  |  2022 

art director 

the big nobody  |  13 min  |  2020 

writer, producer, art director, actor

the s. s. swenson | 89 min | 2018 

producer, art director, actor


Mockumentary web series investigating the disappearance of two lowlifes. This is their story. 

"the kickstarter" eps 1

creator, dp, editor, actor 

"missing mickey" esp 2

producer, editor, actor

rodney mooner: the gem of atlantic city 

a comedy series i made during lockdown with a green screen and lots of free time.

meet Rodney, the beating heart of atlantic city

creator, actor

rodney has been carrying a terrible secret

art director, actor

university work  

kindergarten doc |  6.29 min  |  2018 

director, editor

my fair poppy  |  5.40 min  |  2018

director, producer, art director

 Check out art direction stills here #portfolio 

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