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my projects & roles #maverick  

the big nobody

short film  |  13 min  |  2020 

writer, producer, art direction, actor

24 hours before a brutal murder, a directionless hipster and her clueless cameraman pregame for the best night of their young lives. 

the s. s. swenson

feature film | 89 min | 2018 

producer, art direction, actor

Three degenerates battle the demons of grief in a fantasy-world they've built around themselves.

american british

web series / 5 min / 2018 

Improvised mockumentary.

Mickey goes missing, leaving behind a half-eaten hot dog.

roles: creator, dp, editor, actor

my fair poppy

student film | 5 min | 2018 

A fashion designer needs to turn his hungover cousin from monster into runway model in an afternoon.

roles: writer, director, dp, producer 


student documentary | 6 min | 2018 

A slice of life documentary featuring Brooklyn musician Jono Robertson.

roles: director, dp, editor 

rodney mooner

comedy series | 1 min | 2020 

He'll still be scuttling around America's seediest city when we're all long gone.


Rodney Mooner is The Gem of Atlantic City.

roles: creator, actor

bud light ad

sketch comedy | .44 seconds | 2016 

Bud Light's controversial ad campaign.


Real people get real about beer.

Raise one to right now. #upforwhatever

roles: writer, actor

 Check out art direction stills here #portfolio 

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